Advanced Blood Chemistry Analysis for Athletes

Metabolic health is important for us all to think about.

Resilience Health understands that athletes are outliers when it come to most analysis. The nuanced interpretation of blood chemistry in athletes requires knowledge that some parameters may be outside population norms but within normal ranges for a specific person and the sport they participate in. We also understand that hormonal issues, nutritional deficiencies, overtraining, undereating can all affect performance through the lens of metabolic health.

We can work with you and your coaches to identify biochemically that might enhance performance or in some cases what might be hampering your improvement.

-Help optimise performance and reduce risk of injury

-Help identify micronutrient nutritional needs, understand how to optimise for better performance

-Check for factors to help identify reasons for decline in performance

-Understand hormones and help manage situations like RED-S, low testosterone

Knowledge is power