How It Works

Personalised, evidence led medicine impacting Your metabolic health and optimising your quality of life

Send us an email to

We will get in contact and ask and make sure Resilience Health offers you what you are looking for before we get started.

We will then get moving on optimising your metabolic health for a long, medication free life, working to delay the the onset of chronic illness for as long as possible.

We will set up convenient times for video consultations.

What does a consultation involve?

A consultation with Dr Chatterjee at Resilience Health may involve;

  • Taking a detailed personal, family and medical history.
  • Exploring dietary, exercise and sleep habits; sources of stress and coping mechanisms.
  • Assessing health concerns and evaluating symptoms.
  • If required, we may also involve review of a baseline blood panel already obtained from another source or request a panel tailored to the persons needs. Identifying risk factors for development of chronic or lifestyle-related conditions for which lifestyle interventions would be useful, such as diabetes or heart disease.

Example of further blood testing (labwork done by outside source)

Full liver testing

Full thyroid panel inc T3 and rT3

Comprehensive lipid testing including size and density, Lp(a) measurements

RBC vitamin levels

Following this initial assessment and then review of your needs and results our aim is to be in contact with you for as long as you need support, via email or face to face or video consultation.

We can help with:

  • One off video consultations
  • Email reviews and opinions on blood test results you already have
  • Organisation and review of blood tests

Everyone will receive an in depth intake questionnaire prior to any advice so that your review is personalised to you and your life.

We also offer a package which includes:

  • 6 Video consultations with Dr Chatterjee
  • Post consultation comprehensive email detailing what was covered in the session, further detail on these foundations and future intentions

  • Email contact as required for any questions or support

*All video consultations must take place within 6 months from starting.