I’m eating less and moving more but I’m not losing weight.. WHY?

The calories in calories out theory has been disproven time and time again. There are many studies that back this statement up.  YES, a calorie deficit is required to lose weight. But! does that calorie deficit result in sustained weight loss for the rest of your life? The science suggests that this is unlikely. That is why we all personally have stories of cyclical weight loss and weight gain.

The calories we eat and the calories we burn are linked to each other. In time the reduction in calorie intake will be countered by a decrease in calorie expenditure resulting in minimal weight loss.

It is postulated that the body has a set weight – like a thermostat in your home. Imagine you’re in the house and it’s too cold. You buy a heater and the house warms up, but as soon as it reaches a certain level, the air conditioning comes on and the house gets cold again. The house temperature is set by the thermostat. If the thermostat is set too low, it doesn’t matter how many heaters you put on to warm it up, the air conditioning will always kick in to lower the temperature.

The key is to change the thermostat setting.

It is thought that the body has a set thermostat for weight. This thermostat is influenced by hormones. We can only reset this thermostat to a different level by understanding the hormones. It is possible to reset the weight thermostat, that happens by remembering that the thermostat is influenced by  NUTRITION, SLEEP, EXERCISE, STRESS.