What we do

  • Management and Reversal of Metabolic Syndrome
  • Pre-diabetes Reversal
  • Type 2 Diabetes Reversal
  • Medical Support & Advice For Weight Management
  • Individualised advice and supervision of exercise and mobility
  • Advanced blood chemistry analysis for athletes


Life Span – How long we live for.

Health Span – The years in which a person is healthy and free from disease

Longevity -Living for a long time.

Resilience Health is here to give you the knowledge and support you need to make informed decisions about your own health and wellness.  The aim is to live for a long time but be well for all of those years. In other words we should be striving for longevity WITH healthspan. Modern medicine is good at keeping people alive for a long time but we are missing the mark on illness prevention as we race to firefight existing conditions.

Resilience Health’s main focus is to provide personalised lifestyle and medical advice in an effort to prevent chronic health conditions.

We have a goal of preventing or reversing illness using evidence led information about sleep, nutrition and movement, minimising the use of prescription medication. There are many conditions that are not successfully addressed by traditional allopathic medicine or prescribing. These illnesses may be improved with fundamental consideration of sleep, nutrition and movement and connection.

We aim to improve your general wellbeing and personal reflections on how you feel, reduce waist circumferences and where appropriate – improve metabolic markers of ill health for example – liver function, glucose levels, triglyceride/HDL ratio.

We aim to be your partner in health and wellness and engage with you as required over the years to ensure long term, sustainable health with a goal of increased longevity but also improved healthspan.

Decisions that will enable you to stave off this tidal wave of chronic illness and immobility that we see as normal nowadays. There are no daily diet plans, no prescriptions as plasters, no orders, you will understand how to make the best decisions for yourself, you will learn to move well, efficiently and functionally working with a trainer whose goal is help you use your body as it it is meant to be used. You will be introduced to resistance training, strengthening muscles and bones, keeping osteoporosis and falls at bay in older age. 

Resilience Health has one goal: to help you achieve a long, healthy, happy, pain free life. We absolutely believe that it’s never too late to start on this path, whether you’re 75 years old with bad knees that stop you enjoying daily life, or an avid gym goer that finds themselves less ‘well”than they expect to feel, we want to help.

Our team has the skill set and knowledge to help you move forward as the best version of yourself. 

A significant proportion of our society has an illness that dominates their quality of life.


Type 2 Diabetes

Heart disease

Chronic lung conditions



Mental Health Conditions

There is a way to be proactive.

There is a way to achieve health and wellness, do our utmost to delay the onset of illness.We can live a life without mountains of prescribed medications.

That is the goal of Resilience Health.


All of us can do this with personalised use of this knowledge in the these areas:



It is absolutely possible to live a long life and live it free of  illness and pain, staying strong and mobile. Using nutrition, medicine, movement and mindfulness we can help you achieve your health goals.