What’s your beef with a healthy life and environment?

There is a lot of misinformation around which is feeding the decision making of millions of people who want to be healthy and do the right thing by this planet. Unfortunately, just like most food guidelines the science is often dubious or misrepresented because of an agenda. Right now the idea of plant base nutrition is being fed by huge machines with their own agendas. Now, I’m not add at odds with plants, but an exclusively plant based diet is not nutritionally complete. It is possible with supplementation to meet your bodies needs but it is complex and not optimal. It definitely cant be rolled out on a population without a lot of people becoming unwell in the future. Don’t get me wrong, any deviation from the standard British diet will show improvements in health in the short term – moving away from processed foods and oils, eating whole foods, but eating solely plants is not optimal for health. Neither is it optimal for this world. We won’t be saving the planet by growing soy and wheat to feed the masses. The science is misleading. the recent EAT LANCET report is brimming with bad science the takeaway being- if you want to save your life and the planet ,eat only plants. I implore you to have a look at the report then have a look at a deconstruction of it by someone who understands how to appraise a study. Try here or here. Pick holes in all the arguments but don’t listen to the headlines.

Some food for thought:

  • We are not hungry for energy ( calories) in the west, we are hungry for nutrients and protein.
  • We consume a lot of extra calories scavenging for these nutrients and protein in processed food and whole grains.
  • The best source of BIOAVAILABLE, whole, essential nutrients and protein are animal products.
  • To save this planet and save the people on it from slow death from chronic disease we need to save the topsoil. Mono cropping wheat and soy , reducing topsoil to nothing will mean the end of ecosystems and the death of this planet, with increasing burdens on healthcare as we get sicker.
  • Regenerative, sustainable animal agriculture, where ruminants roam is what is fundamental to the earths survival.

Statements we hear over and over – take a moment to ponder the agenda behind them

Cattle are significant contributors to greenhouse gases. 

-In the States, cattle contribute 2% GHG to the atmosphere as methane. But they then reuse this carbon in a lifecycle, NO NEW CARBON IS GENERATED, it is reused. That a means the methane generated by a cow doesn’t remain in the atmosphere for ever like the carbon produced by a soy processing plant.

Are we moving the needle on the environment with Meatless Monday? NOPE

Work from home Mondays? – less cars on the road, less fuel required by the country. Much more likely to make a difference if we really wanted to. Bill Gates, an advocate for plant based products could significantly impact change by having all of his staff work from home one day a week or month. THAT WOULD BE MAKING REAL CHANGE.

Cattle farming requires huge amounts of water.

The maths used to produce figures in this situation is crazy.  The calculated amount of water “used’ in cattle farming  includes rainfall. If we remove the amount of water provided by nature ( for grass to grow) how much extra water is required?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Almond milk is an easy product to supply, it demands a lot of water, more than falls in the rain…. 

Pea protein… ( James Cameron who set up the whole Gamechangers rubbish has invested over 100 million dollars in a new pea protein company…)

Cattle farming is cruel and uses antibiotics and hormones

 I have literally no beef with ethical reasons for not wanting to eat meat. The problem comes when false environmental or nutritional arguments are made.

But cattle spend the majority of their lives grazing, making use of grass and turning it into a protein that is beneficial to us. 

Even cattle that goes to a feed lot for its last few months has spent the majority of its life on pasture.

-There are NO antibiotics in the meat you eat. Lets be more concerned about the antibiotics we expect from our doctors…

-There are NO hormones in the meat you eat.  There are regulations for both of these things. As a farmer if your meat or milk at testing contains either of these things you can’t sell it. Livelihoods would be lost. 

Have a listen to this if you want some balanced information on the real impact of beef on the environment.


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