Who we are

Dr Rini Chatterjee (Medical Director and Founder)

University of Wales College of Medicine MBBCh(2000)

Royal College of General Practice (2005)

Postgraduate Diploma Diabetes (Distinction)


My intention with this piece is to give you some insight into who I am. Healthcare relationships that are successful require trust, it’s hard to trust someone we know nothing about.

Living long, living well, developing meaningful relationships – that is my ultimate goal in life.  Experiencing the highs and lows, understanding that these things come together and having the physical capability, the emotional intelligence and resilience to move through life happily. That has been my ideal for a long time.  Prior to now, without learning, without experience,  I just didn’t have a clue about how to achieve these things..

I am the first daughter of an immigrant family.  I finished school after doing well and so went on to study Medicine.  Medical school was super tough.  It felt like a sprint to keep up when others around me were jogging along easily! Now looking back, I realise that no-one was jogging, but it was difficult for me to see that at the time. I understand what it’s like to feel like you don’t fit in, to struggle with anxiety and low mood. I understand what it is like to wear a mask everyday, to be unfit and overweight. I also understand that it is possible to use adversity as a tool. It is possible to realise that you can choose how you react to situations and this choice can change perspectives and lives.

Currently I work in General Practice in the community and also in Acute Medicine in a hospital environment. I fit my work around the rest of my loves – learning, socialising, cooking, and learning how to make my body stronger and resilient- utilising all types if movement from CrossFit to weight training to hiking. Being a GP, an expert generalist, for the last 15 years and a doctor for 20, has equipped me with the tools to approach health holistically. I spend my work days diagnosing and treating illness, trying to prevent ill health, counselling, life coaching, listening and empathising.

But I always try and do things differently.

Things can be done differently.

My aim is less medication, I want to improve health and wellness by empowering people to make their own lives better, by sharing knowledge and experience.

For years I longed to be that person I initially described – living well , but I just couldn’t fathom how to get there.  By surrounding myself with good people, people I can learn from, acquiring knowledge wherever I could, finding balance with exercise and nutrition, meditation and a whole host of other things, I think I’m moving steadily in the direction of being that person. Doing things differently.  Using adversity as a tool… not feeling like I have to sprint.

That is what Resilience Health is all about.  Bringing that concentrated learning to you. Helping you become the best version of yourself- moving well, living well, being content and having a medication list that remains very small!  Building  the reserve and capacity to be the best version of yourself and in doing so having the residual capacity to show kindness to others.